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Changyuan Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is affiliated to Changyuan Technology Group Co.,Ltd. (Stock Code : 600525.SH ).
It has a variety of products mainly including intelligent cutter, intelligent spreader, intelligent hanging system and intelligent manufacturing integration. And it strives for the realization of garment industry 4.0 to build an intelligent garment production base with automation, information and intelligence.
The company relies on profound technical strength, excellent research and development capabilities and efficient and professional service guarantee to integrate global high-quality partner resource.

The products are exported to Japan, India, Brazil, USA, Germany, UK and many other countries and regions.
The company adheres to the business philosophy of "Customer first, pioneer and innovation, win-win cooperation to build the future of intelligent manufacturing", and presents a number of smart devices and smart factory solutions for the industry.

Product System

Create efficient and intelligent equipment for the industry with ingenuity

Let you choose the three characteristics of Changyuan Equipment

Committed to providing high-quality products and comprehensive solutions for global customers

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Regularly visit customers

To provide professional maintenance , the after-sales engineer shall regularly visit customers and carry out maintenance according to the wear degree of the user's machine.

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400 call center

The after-sales department adopts the 5 + 2 working system, 24 hours service, 365 days, responds to customer needs in a timely manner, and solves problems for customers.

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Up-grade , value-added, ease to use equipment

Changyuan equipment provides customers who have exceeded the warranty period with upgraded value-added services such as parts replacement and personnel training free of charge.

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Committed to providing high-quality products and comprehensive solutions for global customers
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